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Making Solar as Easy as...

Solar Panels, Systems, and Kits for the Contractor and Handyman.

Solar panels, Solar systems, Solar kits & equipment all at affordable wholesale prices. Receive a free installation video of a solar electric system along with instructions and blueprints. At Sundance Solar Inc. we’re college trained with 30yrs experience & we want to help you install your own solar electric system so you can make money while making this world a better place!

Others just sell parts. We help you install a system!

  • Video — every first time buyer gets a professional instructional video showing a complete install!
  • Instructions — from racks to wiring, everything you need to know!
  • Blueprints — We know what it’s like…Let us save you hours of time and frustration!
  • Markings — Others don’t even tell you they’re required…We supply them!

Your Complete Solar Source
sales & service on all types of solar systems

California Contractors License # 678824