About Sundance Solar Inc.

What Sundance Solar Inc. offers is more than just a solar electrical system. We offer professionally-picked and customizable systems, as well as some of the things a do-it-yourselfer or a contractor will need to install the system. We offer system instructions, blueprints complete with wiring diagrams, labels required by the National Electric Code for all solar installations, and grounding clips with every complete system purchased on our website.

We will help you pick the system that is right for you with our sizing tool.

Founder and CEO as well as the energy and driving force behind Sundance Solar Inc. is Mike Dalrymple.

Mike has been involved in renewable energy for 30 years. College trained in all aspects of alternative energy
including solar, wind, wood, biomass, hydro, co-gen, etc. in the form of both active and passive and as applied in electric, hydronic, and mechanical.

During college Mike saw the need for inexpensive and accurate site analysis and began work on the SunMic.
After college Mike brought the patent process to a successful conclusion holding patent 4,635,371 for a “Device to Indicate Solar Exposer”.
Mike was able to market and sell units around the world even when solar was in sharp decline, and in 1990 was named in the Who’s Who of American Inventors.

For the past 30 years Mike has continued to sell, install, repair, and maintain all types of systems in central and southern California.