Schuco and Fronius 18.90 Kw system

This system produces approximately $422,462.21 to $844,912.17 of electricity over 25 years. Depending on your location and cost of power.


48 Schuco 210w Solar Panels

2 Fronius IG Plus 10.0 uni Inverters

Approximate System Cost
$78,873.88 to $86,858.66

Approximate System Cost After Rebates
$35,887.62  to $60,801.06

Layout Options

In this section, you can choose how you would like to install the panels on your roof.
Here, in the Layout selection, you can choose how many panels per row and how many rows you would like to use to set up this system.

Note: If you are not sure on the layout or plan to use a ground mount, select other, and in the comments box at the end of the form, tell us so and we can help you make this decision.

10×9 Panel Layout
7×12+6 Panel Layout


Mounting Options

Here, you select what mounting option you would like to use.

L Feet
Used to bolt to brackets or may be sealed and bolted directly on composition roofs
  Stand Offs: Use with flashing. Great choice for all types of roofs
Stand Offs: 3″ clear – Add $2,449.44
Stand Offs: 3″ bronze – Add $2,630.88
Stand Offs: 6″ clear – Add $2,976.75
Stand Offs: 6″ bronze – Add $3,370.815
Quick Mount – Add $5,545.26
Great for shake roofs and comp. too. Now available for tile also.
S Tile – Add $6,637.54
Specially made for Spanish tile roofs.
F Tile – Add $7,203.27
Specially made for the new flat tile roofs.
Rack Mounts – Add $10,716.38 to $11,907.79
May be used on flat roofs & ground mount also
Pole Mounts – Add $6,921.23
The cleanest, most professional ground mounting system. The tilt can be adjusted seasonally for more power too!


Optional Items

Sola-Deck Junction box – Add $79.95
A great looking clean low profile box, with DIN rail
Fuse Holders & Breakers – Add $19.78 each
Clip on a DIN rail to protect your system
Delta Lighting Arrestors – Add 39.73 each
Lightning protection available as 600v DC and 300v AC.
Fronius IG Wireless Personal Display – Add $385.29
For use with systems with Fronius Inverters


Also included in system packages…..

  • System Instructions
  • Blueprints, complete with wiring diagram
  • Labels required by the National Electric Code for all solar installations
  • Grounding clips; to ground the panels to the rails


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